Grow for Change courses are 3-day hands-on training sessions which teach every stage of organic growing from planting to end the of harvest.

We teach new and sage farmers with in-depth training, including soil science, building sustainable organic soils along with foliage feeding, ground drenches, collection and reading of soil reports, also leaf tissue analysis readings,and. In addition essential oils for reducing plant disease and building high minerals and antioxidant foods, all taught through specific organic growing methods.

Students do not need to own land, only to have a desire to learn soil science for farm application. We offer technical information of growing highly dense, mineral rich foods full of antioxidants, for global markets.

Included with the course is The Grow For Change Soil Science and Class Guide— of organic farming basics, crop management, protocols,essential oil insect and disease control, and foliage spraying protocols.



Soil Science and Organic Application for Crop Management

DATE: Spring 2018

LOCATION: 1665 Donto Way, Brooksville, FL 34601


 Dr. Gary Salmon: Emeritus Organic Chemist & Geochemistry Dept. Chair ISGS at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

E. Allen Stewart III served as principal engineer and vice president of HydroMentia, Inc. of Ocala, Florida

Dori Bon: Horticulturist, International Crop Adviser and Organic Agriculture Specialist

Special guest speakers who are leaders in agriculture and environmental fields.Such as:

Daniel Ebbecke of D&S Blueberries and U-Picktopia - Farmer on organic and sustainable growing.

Susan Marciano of Kissimmee Green Place - Farmer on vertical growing and bio-ponics,composting and the benifits of vermiculture

Much more :


9:00-9:30 am

  • Registration/Student Check-In Classroom Session

10:00-10:15 am

  • Class welcome and introduction

  • Classroom Session


  • Soil Building, Science and Technology - will lecture on philosophy of building healthy soils;and the science technology of using organic growing methods.

  • Soil and Tissue Analysis and Brix  - A presentation on how to collect soil samples and read a report to grow high mineral Brix produce


Special Guest Speaker 11:15 - 12:10

12:15-1:15 Lunch provided


1:15-2:30 What is Sustainable and Organic Farming Practice 101- 


2:45:  4:00 Special Guest Speaker



  • Science and benefits of apply essential oils for pest control - Dr. Salmon will lecture on the complexities of essential oils and component adjuvants boost secondary metabolites for better disease and pest resistance.


  • Building sustainable soils with Vermiculture - Guest Speaker
  • Vermiculture and the benefits of worms and the castings.
  • Earthworms have been mentioned in history as far back as Aristotle, who described them as “the intestines of the earth.” In the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, Cleopatra declared earthworms sacred and established laws protecting them. 


  • Lunch provided


  • Foliage feeding ground drenches - Dori Bon  and Daniel Ebbecke will present application and protocol for organic crop managements  for droughts and monsoon rains to keep production going even in tough climate conditions. Offer particular protocols to increase yield and produce highly mineralized produce and grains.



  • Building Compost Piles for better soils - Dori Bon and Daniel Ebbecke. Building Compost Piles for better sustainability and  farming practice and to produce viable crops.


  • Lunch


  • Overview of class materials with worksheets


  • Certificates of Achievement