The Power of Microbes and Building Living Soils

Microbes digest, degrade, and disassociate many forms of salt and chemical residues in the soil.This process helps change the soil’s pH and the charge of soil particles from positive to negative and negative to positive freeing many nutrients which were previously tied up to soil particles, making them unavailable for plant uptake. All soil nutrients must be degraded/digested by microorganisms from either an organic or inorganic source before these nutrients become a part of the soil solution for plant use

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Dori Bon

Synthetic chemicals in agriculture have destroyed fertility in soils around the world – restore soil balance using sustainable methods, as well as natural and sustainable materials. As soil balance returns, healthier soil grows healthier plants. This in turn creates better yields for agriculture, and plants less prone to pests, fungus and disease.

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Karsen Nielsensoil